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Poules en Ville (Registered) is a company that is dedicated to promote all aspects of the care of laying chickens in urban areas, in a safe and responsible way.
With all partners working in areas related and connected to chickens, Poules en Ville provides the most information possible in one place; a crossroads of diversified and comprehensive information.

Given the expansion of the practice of keeping laying hens in recent years, it becomes crucial to ensure that residents of Quebec can find critical information. You will find here information such as lists of shelters, veterinarians, suppliers and available resources, in both French and English, adapted to the population of Quebec. I also offer complete workshops to get you off to a good start and to provide you with valuable hands-on experience to give you more confidence with your own flock.
With the increasing demands of residents wanting their municipalities to legislate, supervise, and allow the practice of keeping backyard hens, it is imperative to define the practice. In addition, there is a need to educate residents and make accessible, information on care, nutrition, behavior, as well as information about the chicken coop, eggs, and bio security etc.

Chickens reconnect us with the essence of life, the foundations of nature and its energy is beneficial to all. They bring the community closer, promote good neighborhood practices and promote education for children.
One day, in the near future, cities will encourage their citizens to use not only water barrels and composters, but may give gifts of a few chickens per home. Chickens are part of a green program. Let’s work with them! Chickens are one of the most under-employed work forces in the world-and it’s time to put them to work.

Reassuringly, Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification training course are being required by some jurisdictions before granting chicken licences.

This is just the beginning of a changing paradigm of poultry returning to our culture. Even if you only employ chickens as bio-recyclers turning trash into top soil that would be a huge step forward towards feeding yourself…and your soils.
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I sincerely thank all my partners, my friends, and my family for their valuable contributions.

Louise Arbour

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The installation of small urban chicken coops is spreading rapidly in the search for a healthier life style, bringing us to be more aware of the environment, and encouraging us to buy locally grown foods and to possibly have an urban garden.

Hens require little care. With 3 to 5 hens, we can have a clean mini-coop, odorless, without problems and noise because there are no roosters! The hens can be excellent pets for your family and a perfect complement to your home garden. Chickens are the most beautiful mobile ornaments of our gardens and our best pets without forgetting the beautiful superior quality fresh eggs they offer us every day!